Things You Need to Know About Golang For Web Development

With every passing day, there is an increasing demand for speed, cost-effective and fewer resources for the website applications development. Along with it, everyone wants advanced usability as well as a smooth and continuous user experience. And to satisfy these requirements of web development advanced programming languages are needed like Golang.

Golang solves a multitude of problems and has numerous usage apart from web development. It has many purposes you might have heard about Golang for IoT, Golang for Ecommerce, Golang microservices, Golang mobile development, Golang for CRM, etc. Other than this many well-known tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Consul​, ETCD​, ​Istio is developed using Golang

Golang for Web Development

Golang helps the developer to develop highly scalable applications. These applications are easy to develop and are highly performant out of the box. Golang has inbuilt support for HTTP/2. Golang has good compatibility and support for various databases such as MYSQL, ElasticSerach, MongoDB.

To serve content over the web you don't require 3rd party web servers like Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, etc. You can create a web server using Golang itself and it is far more performant then 3rd party web servers.

Golang is a compiled language so the web applications build using Golang can run on any environment whether it is Cloud or any operating system. Natively Golang web applications run on Google App Engine and Google Cloud Run.

Golang helps in cross-platform deployments and this ability of Golang is helpful for enterprises. Golang is a compiled language and so it does not need to be interpreted. Which makes Golang fast in executions.

Why Golang for Web Development:

  1. Compiled Language: It is a static language and combines all the dependencies into a single executable file. It means you can use this executable file and directly run it.
  2. Static Type: Golang helps in triggering the issues during the compile time as a compiler error.
  3. High Performance: It is said that Golang is a faster language. The concurrency and scalability feature of Golang makes it a better performant.
  4. No Need of Web Framework for Golang: All thanks to Golang creator and Golang community. They have built many tools that are natively supported by Golang core. Which reduces the requirement of using 3rd party library. Tools such as HTTP, JSON, HTML, etc which can help you build API services without having the need for any other library.

Major Golang Frameworks for Web Development:

  1. Martini
  2. Gin Gonic
  3. Beego
  4. Net/HTTP
  5. Buffalo
  6. Mango
  7. Gorilla
  8. Gocraft

Get to know more about the different Golang Web Frameworks here

Golang Http Router:

  1. julienschmidt/httprouter
  2. gorilla/mux
  3. chi
  4. net/http

Get to know more of the Golang Http router here

Golang Web Libraries:

  1. markbates/goth
  2. jinzhu/gorm
  3. dgrijalva/jwt-go

Get to know more of the Golang Web libraries here

Golang Databases and Drivers:

  1. database/sql
  2. mongo-driver/mongo
  3. olivere/elastic
  4. GORM
  5. Bleve
  6. CockroachDB

Get to know more of the Golang databases and drivers here

Golang has became one of the preferred language in web development industries due to its uniquenss like simplicity, concurrency etc and some of the features like high performant, cross-platform development.

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